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Help your bike store customers insure their purchases*

This plugin is for bicycle stores that already use the Lightspeed point of sale system.

Your customers can easily insure the products they love, while you earn a commission on all policies sold.

The plugin works alongside Lightspeed, and gives your store the ability to promote your customers insurance on insurable items* they buy from you. The coverage is provided by cycling industry insurance expert, Sundays.

*An insurable item is a product that has been stipulated within the product disclosure document as a product that we, Sundays, are able to insure. For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Document on the Sundays website.

Start benefiting from this additional revenue stream today:

Bicycle Insurance
The partnership between Sundays and Lightspeed allows bike shops like yours to promote customers’ insurance for the bike they are purchasing, right there at the cash register.

Integrated with Lightspeed
Sundays integrates with the Lightspeed POS system so that – as well as bicycles and accessories – you can now promote market-leading bike insurance to your customers.

Additional revenue
You’ll earn 20% commission on each policy and start building an additional revenue stream for your business with every sale.

Free Lightspeed!
The commission from two sales per month will cover an average monthly Lightspeed subscription – so you’ll effectively be getting Lightspeed for free.

No admin
All the tracking is handled by Sundays, so you’ll instantly be able to see how much you’ve earned.

Three policies…
Opting in will allow you to promote bicycle, cyclist and accessory cover – for every eventuality and customer type.

*Only available in UK for the time being

Sundays – Insurance Solutions
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