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Unlink Tweet


## Why?

Did you experience various stuffs are linked unintentionally? For example,

– method call such as ‘’
– markdown file name such as ‘’
– C’s preprocessor macros such as ‘#include’
– Ruby’s instance variable ‘@foo’ and/or global variables ‘$bar’

If you experienced and felt it annoying, tools or library provided by this repository would help

## Usage

You can easily remove auto links in selected text at or The easiest
way is using a context menu item.

1. Select your tweet text in a tweet form at or
2. Right click
3. Choose ‘Unlink Tweet Text’ item

It automatically update selected text with unlinked text.

If you want to control what is unlinked, please click an extension icon at tool bar of Chrome when tweet form is shown. It shows a popup window with checkboxes and button. Please check what you want to unlink and click button. For technical reason, please select tweet text on

This feature is also provided as web site and CLI. Please try them if you prefer.


## Credit

This extension is developed at GitHub repository. Please submit bug reports there.

This extension is distributed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2019 rhysd

Unlink Tweet
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