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Urban Ad blocker is a product by Urban Cyber Security. Our vast experience in information security has resulted in the most robust free Ad blocker currently on offer. Our Chrome Extention users enjoy:
• Ad-free browsing experience, eliminating all types of native ads, video ads, pop-ups/pop-unders, tab ups, banners & text ads

• Improved protection against viruses, spyware and other types of malware, as well as phishing scams, since most of those use an advertising placement to hack into your browsing session

• Optimized browsing speeds, due to the savings in bandwidth, download-size and server calls; this is achieved by only loading each page’s content and skipping the ads altogether

• Unlike most other free ad blockers – Our browser extension does NOT replace original ads with new ones; you will not be exposed to any advertisements whatsoever

Get back to enjoying what matters on every other site on the web. You will forget that sites even have ads in no time!

This extension is an all-in-one solution. No need to download further software – just click “Add to Chrome” to install the extension and you are set to surf, ad-free!

Important notice: after installation, you will receive a message about our browser extension’s permission to access your browsing data. This permission is what allows the extension to perform the adblocking manipulation on the browser and allows us to collect non-personalized data; This is how we keep it 100% free.

When you choose Urban Ad blocker, you choose quality, safety and security!

Urban Free Ad blocker
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