WA – Download Group Phone Numbers


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And make sure you always have latest verion of the extension.

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Download all group phone numbers from WA Group. This is an Enterprise Edition.
If price is not visible or greyed out to you, please use this below link to install.

Due to recent WA (you know what it is) code change, wait after you open or refresh the for 2 min. and then try to use this download feature. Thank you for understanding.

Please watch the video for instructions on “How to use?”

Being in a global marketing and sales company, we always have a need to save the phone numbers from a WA group to an excel file. So that, the excel file can later be imported into our CRM as prospective leads or contacts.

This wonderful tool helped us in downloading the phone numbers from a WA group and save it to excel file. We have developed this tool in our internal labs to use within organization. But as it can benefit many people and on request from many customers or friends, we are relasing this to public.

You are free to install and use the tool while all resources are coprighted to the authors. You are free to install and use only for personal rules. You can not use or leverage or copy any of the resource for a commercial purpose, unless it is open source.

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WA – Download Group Phone Numbers
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