x Ray Texture Pack Complete Download 2020


Do you want to download x Ray Texture Pack latest version 1.16.4 (Completed) then you can down x-Ray Texture Pack here? And also you can download all types of Minecraft texture packs here.

Just click on the Offered by the website…


How to Install Minecraft x ray texture pack

Installing Minecraft Texture Pack is very simple just you can drag and drop this x ray texture pack in the game.

1. First of all download the latest version X ray texture pack with the Given download list. It will be in a . ZIP file format.
2. Now launch the Minecraft Game.
3. Now go to the menu option and click on the “resource pack”.
4. Click on the “Open resource pack folder”
5. Here Drag and drop the zip file which you downloaded in the first steps and Click “Done”.
6. Again Click on the “resource pack”.
7. Now your texture pack will be shown on the left window just hover over on it and click on the right, and click “Done” Again.

Now your texture pack successfully uploaded and ready to use in the game.

x Ray Texture Pack Complete Download 2020
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