ZScaler Bypass


In my workplace, they have implemented ZScaler to prevent users to lose time on social networks, personal e-mail, etc. And that is kind of acceptable but It is very bothersome to input your account and password every day; it ends up ruining your productivity.

So I decided to make this so you don’t have to lose time logging in.

— Steps —
1- Install this extension.
2- Go to Options > Extensions > ZScaler Bypass > Options
3- Set your account and password.
4- Save.
(You can add “Allow in incognito” because the cookies are always cleared when you close your browser, and I guess you noticed that you have to log in again every time)
5- Browse

— Notes —
* This extension uses simple localStorage, it does not send any information externally, so it will remain secure as long as nobody else uses your computer.
* The only raison d’être of this extension is “skipping” the bothersome Log In screen, not to bypass it’s security.
* Using this extension is your sole responsibility, it may be against your employer’s policies, be aware of that and do NOT install this unless you agree that whatever happens is your fault.

Port to Firefox using GreaseMonkey:
Make sure to install GreaseMonkey first as a Firefox Addon, then install the following script:

It has been tested in FF12+ and GM1.5+

ZScaler Bypass
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