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The latest update to the Tag Detective includes a number of bug fixes, several new features, and a cosmetic overhaul. The Tag Detective now supports Google Analytics 4, allows you to filter for vendors within the popover, and provides coverage for Nielsen MTA. Enjoy!

Tag Detective helps you debug your marketing and analytics tags.

Gain thorough, easily navigable insights into the events being passed to Bing, DoubleClick Floodlight, Facebook, Google Ads, Trade Desk, LinkedIn and Google Analytics from any website you visit. The Tag Detective also stores info across your browsing session, allowing you to go back and look at the analytics events that took place on any page you visited.

Easy to use, thorough, and unobtrusive, the Tag Detective aims to be the last pixel inspector you’ll ever need.

Note: Although the Tag Detective requests permission to read and change data on the websites you visit, it only monitors network requests for tagging information and saves this data to your local browser as a Javascript object within the extension. It does not share or store any data beyond your local browser.

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Developed by 3Q Digital, Inc.

3Q Tag Detective
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