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UPDATE : I just wanted to thank the 6500 users who downloaded my plug-in, now that 9gag added a dark theme option this plug-in is now useless (except if you prefer the slightly different looking dark theme of my plug-in), I don’t need to maintain this plug-in anymore, which is cool, but I won’t delete it from the store for now.
Me : *slaps roof on this extension* this bad boy can make the browsing on 9gag so much nicer ! Well, for me at least.

Changes the theme on the 9gag website, like the “Night Mode” theme on the 9gag mobile app.

IMPORTANT : Depending on the country you live (I think), the 9gag default theme may be different, so this extension may not work in all countries! If it doesn’t work so well you can try other extensions that may work in your region, it works nice with the French 9gag theme, but not so great in Germany from what I’ve heard.
It is impossible for me to make this extension work in all regions.

This extension is NOT affiliated with 9gag, I made this extension because I wanted a dark theme on PC, and I decided to share it on the store.

How to report issues with my extension :
You can use the “assistance” tab to report any bugs you encounter, but keep in mind that I am just one lazy dev who has nothing better to do than playing video games during my spare time, so if you have an issue with this extension it will maybe take some time before it gets fixed, but it shouldn’t take longer than 2 or 3 days, I’ll do my best and I’ll try to check my mails and the assistance tab every day.

Update 1.15 (11-June-2018) :
The website changed a bit, aaaaaaand the upvote buttons went black…
– Black upvote button fix

9gag dark theme
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