AEM Chrome Plug-in


AEM Chrome Plug-in is comprised of 2 main modules:

1) Log Tracer surfaces per-request server side data quickly and conveniently into your Chrome dev tools panel. AEM Chrome Plug-in leverages Apache Sling Log Tracer to collect:

a) Logs (customizable packages / log levels)
b) Request Progress
c) Queries

2) Adaptive Forms: a robust suite of AEM Adaptive Form developer tools!


To use AEM Chrome Plug-in – Log Tracer you must be be using AEM 6.1+ and Apache Sling Log Tracer 1.0.0+. Note this is a development tool and also requires credentials that can access AEM’s Felix/Web Console.

To use AEM Chrome Plug-in – Adaptive Forms your AEM 6.2+ instance must be running with the AEM Forms Feature Pack.

v0.2.0: Added AEM Adaptive Forms support
v0.2.1: Added Log Tracer file download support
v0.2.2: Bug-fix for auto-detection of active tab host/port
v0.2.3: Adaptive form bug fixes
v0.2.4: Adaptive form Logging tab labels (XGA > Model)
v0.2.5: Options screen OSGi status detection bug
v0.2.6: Fixes issue w/ Log Tracer host removal filter did not stripping IPs properly
v0.3.0: Tracer plugin supports LoggerNames
v0.3.1: Tracer plugin LoggerNames would not be requested if no Tracer Sets were specified
v0.4.0: Tracer plugin supports show/hide of caller for log messages
v0.5.0: UX improvements; Simplification of Options, removal of tracer set IDs, resizing of requests/details
v.0.6.0: Tracer plugin supports decoupling the browser tab host from the host(s) that supply Sling Log Tracer data.
v0.6.1: Tracer plugin, failure detection support dropped to 2s, and better instructions are added to Logger Names tab.
v0.6.2: Tracer plugin, corrected abusive Sling Log Tracer availability check
v0.6.2: Tracer plugin, Better handling of tab binding
v0.6.4: Tracer plugin, Binding AEM devtools to the Chrome tab that opened it
v0.6.5: Tracer plugin, Hide passwords in Options, Better support for collecting tracer data across hosts
v0.6.6: Tracer plugin; Tab text cut off in new versions of Chrome
v0.7.0: Tracer plugin; 1-click enablement of Sling Log Tracer Servlet and shows # Queries in the requests list
v0.7.1; Tracer plugin; Fixed issue w/ 1-click setup on Chrome 72+; Form plugin: Fix issue where toolbar doesn’t show up in component hierarchy
v0.7.2: Fixed extension background when Chrome is in darkmode theme

AEM Chrome Plug-in
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