Aliexpress Enhancer


This Add-on will add the following features:

– No Ads
– Changed 60% of red/orange colors to blue
– Customized cosmetics for your orders list to see better the important details (Dispute in progress, Dispute finished, Delivery Finished, remained days of delivery)
– Replaced the Aliexpress tracking box with 17Track tracking system (from your order details)
– Added a secondary similar tracking number into Order contact details (in case of printing with evidence)
– Automatic disable the Save Card checkbox when you complete your financial details (because sometimes aliexpress chooses to enable automatically that checkbox)

And last but not least, in fact the most important feature of this add-on:

– When you search for a product or when you access an external link of a product/store, you will be warned if the seller it is a BAD SELLER, to help you avoiding some future problems. In the back of this add-on, there is a growing database with BAD sellers from aliexpress. Those sellers have done bad things to customers, like (not even sending the order, sending damaged goods, not answering to customers questions in chat, avoiding refund with all costs, tricking/mocking customers, promises in vain and many other things which can result a vary bad attitude). You can see the warnings into the searching results, into the store pages and individual product’s page. In the same time, all the products/stores marked as “BAD SELLER” will have the clicking disabled, but you have the posibility to enable/disable the clicking if you really wanna buy something from that store (your decision)

– Added Whilte List Feature which points the good sellers when you search for a product, with a Verified Green Mark as “Good Seller”

If you had ugly moments with some of the sellers from Aliexpress, just let me know and he will be listed in the BAD SELLER’s database.

For this, you must send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following details:

– Complete name of the store
– Complete URL link of the store
– Reasons to consider that the seller had a vad behavior against you
– Some screenshots which can evidence the reasons

With this add-on, I just try to change the attitude of bad sellers.

Be sure that you have the last update of this add-on, to get the most recent BAD SELLER database.

IF someone want to thank me more, please add a donation. Thank you

Aliexpress Enhancer
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