Chrome link search


Search browser history and bookmark links and you also can search browser tabs among all windows.

New Features for chrome link search

– Search open tab
– – You may lost your tab among all windows and need to check one by one. Here you go !! You easily can find the tab by this extension and jump into the desire tab.
– – You can enable / disable Mute, Auto Discardable, Pinned and close the tab from one place.

– Browser options
– – Chrome has many more features. As a normal user maybe we don’t know. You can search with possible words in Browser Options section , Hope you will find what you are looking for.

– Look and feel update
– – In the new version we change the user interface

Other Features for chrome link search

– Search features
– – In input box : You can search with anything which can be matched either with URL or page title
– – The recent websites will be shown in the website filter box. If you filter with the website, search term will be applied only for selected website.
– – In browser history list – by default, today’s result will be shown but you can filter with the current or past weeks.
– – You will have a flexible option to select the number of records you want to see.

– Result features
– – From the search result, you can click on the URL title to visit the link.
– – URL itself will be shown if the URL does not have the page title.
– – Website favicon will be shown to identify the website easily.

– Remove features
– – You can remove all of your unnecessary URLs from both history and bookmarks.
– – You can remove all the visible URLs or a single URL.
– – Remove button’s label will be super interactive to tell how many records you have selected .

– More features
– – For browser history, you will see the exact date and time of your last visit.
– – For bookmarks, you can search with both URL and folder name. You can see your bookmarked URL’s folder hierarchy.

Chrome link search
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