Circle (reader mode)


Ads are too distracting, the color scheme is too ugly, the font is too small to see clearly, the layout is too messy to find the text, does it really need to be so difficult to read?

With a simple click (duck is not necessary), Circle gives you the purest reading experience and escorts you for better reading. Similar to Safari’s reading mode, but the article recognition is smarter and faster, the recognition ability is stronger, the page layout is more friendly, and the customization options are more abundant. If you are looking for an extremely lightweight reading aid product, Circle may be able to impress you, so give it a try

Circle is a different browser extension program that rearranges the article pages to create a more friendly interface effect for reading and layout, and facilitate better reading. Circle provides a more private, easier and more comfortable reading experience

Our goal is: to make web pages pleasing to the eye, and to return reading to the original intention

If you encounter any problems or product defects, you can raise an issue at

If you don’t have a github account, you can contact me via WeChat account hewenguang_fe

Circle (reader mode)
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