Coin-Hive Blocker


Super-light script that removes coin-hive and other crypto-miners from all websites. The script both cancels all requests from Coinhive and removes the script from the DOM before it loads.
* Update 18
– Phasing out Premium
* Update 17
– Notification change
* Update 16
– Handle denied permission for email
* Update 15
– Premium plan notification
* Update 0.14
– Fix for initial pattern list
* Update 0.13
– Bugfix for too sensitive CPU-scanner
– CoinHiveblocker Premium
– Server rendered auto-analysis of suspicious pages(premium)
– Wider range of known miner-domains(premium)
– Added guide for miners not blockable by chrome api(premium)
* Update 0.12
– New UI
– Bugfixes
– Collecting data on already blocked domains
– New server for block-list
– Block-timeout
– New Switch method
* Update 0.11
– Add notification block, small change in UI (popup)
*Update 0.10
– Bug Fix, fetch backup blacklist locally on failed fetch
*Update 0.9
– Add whitelist for reported sites to avoid unnecessary notifications
*Update 0.8
– Add CPU-load detection
– Blacklist is now fetched from github (
– Notification when consistant high CPU-load, fetches site-url and sends to dev for inspection
*Update 0.7
– Remove welcome screen (it was annoying)
*Update 0.6
– Update list of miners to block
*Update 0.5
– Creating statistics from blocked sites
– Toggle to statistics display-mode
– Welcome message
*Update 0.4
– Toggle on and off the blocker by clicking the icon top left

*Update 0.3
– Updating to block coin-hives new domain


Coin-Hive is:
“Coinhive offers a JavaScript miner for the Monero Blockchain (Why Monero?) that you can embed in your website. Your users run the miner directly in their Browser and mine XMR for you”

This means it steals your CPU power and slows your computer down.

Coin-Hive Blocker
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