Content Blocker


The Content Blocker gives users the possibility to hide or delete annoying elements on websites.

The best part? – The settings are saved. That means you only have to delete all elements that bother you once and they won’t reappear.

❓ What is different to an ad blocker?

In contrast to a normal ad blocker you can choose which elements you don’t want to see. You can also delete not only advertising but also content elements like pop-ups, social media buttons, text or images forever. The Content Blocker is therefore not an alternative, but the perfect addition to the ad blocker.

👉🏼 How to hide or delete elements:
1. click on the Webpage Cleaner icon.
2. select with the mouse the elements you want to hide and click on the X in the upper right corner
3. With undo and redo you can correct your changes
4. exit the mode by clicking on the Webpage Cleaner icon

⚙ Options
– You can access the options by right-clicking on the icon.
– Set whether elements should only be hidden or deleted
– Change settings for selected pages
– Reset all configurations

⚠️ Note
The Chrome Extension, like most extensions, needs access to the web page to allow the extension to block elements for you.
We assure you that we do not collect any data. On the one hand it is our philosophy of full transparency, on the other hand Google would rightfully throw such an extension out of the store at some point. And for that we have spent too much time developing this solution.

☝ Your feedback
We are grateful for feedback from you, where and in which situation Content Blocker helps you. With your ideas, we can improve the extension. Write us at [email protected].

More new Chrome extensions for you soon at

🐵 Your abilitools team

Content Blocker
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