All the code is available on GitHub:
This extension is open-source, so feel free to use or edit it if you want.

With this extension, you’ll get a darker themed SoundCloud for those who prefer it, either because it looks cooler or it goes easier on your eyes!
Feel more than free to contribute to it on GitHub, for bug corrections or even new ideas.
Let me know if you found a bug!


Thanks to MyNameIsJulian and Franckevicius:
– Fixed featured profiles text
– Fixed the badge in featured profiles
Thanks to MyNameIsJulian:
– Made body font slightly thicker for readability
– Fixed delete playlist button icon

Thanks to Franckevicius and MyNameIsJulian:
– Fixed “Comments disabled” box
– Fixed empty profile page
Thanks to MyNameIsJulian:
– Fixed “Unlock Previews with SoundCloud Go+”

10.11.2019: v1.0.8.2
Thanks to MyNameIsJulian:
– Added better color integration with footer soundcloud logo
– Fixed blur of “view all” box in library
– Made font on small buttons a bit thicker
– Added dark theme for pop-up hints and tips to new users
Thanks to Franckevicius:
– Fixed white highlight when hovering over playlist expansion in stream
– Fixed upload limit panel in stream

11.10.2019: v1.0.8.1
– Fixed interaction area on old album layout (thanks to Franckevicius)
– Fixed white “Remove from Next Up”

11.06.2019 v1.0.8
– Minor bug fixes: bottom soundcloud logo, notification alert border, text in dashbox (thanks to MyNameIsJulian).
– Fixed gradient on long user descriptions (thanks to balbinus).

23.04.2019 v1.0.7
– Compact tracklists and comment pop ups are a little brighter for readability (thanks to MyNameIsJulian).

27.11.2018 v1.0.6
– Fixed UI components for adding and editing songs.

26.11.2018 v1.0.5
– Fixed white components on playlist pages.
– Fixed some general broken UI components.

28.01.2018 v1.0.4
– Fixed messages page that was still white.
– Fixed a bug where a panel was invisible.

17.10.2017 v1.0.3
– Seriously optimized the extension.

15.08.2017 v1.0.2
– Fixed the upload page, that was still white.

14.08.2017 v1.0.1
– Fixed some minor bugs in some pages that were still white.

14.09.2017: v1.0.0
– Released the extension. Hurray!

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