This is for use with Einstein Analytics dashboards – more specifically, on the JSON editor.
It enables a page action when editing JSON on an Einstein Analytics dashboard, and when activated, will show a menu of available steps to modify, which will bring up a code editor. It will only show custom SAQL queries and is ideal when modifying SAQL with bindings, since the standard editor won’t allow direct editing.

Note: this is WIP, and feedback is always appreciated.

Updates 9/3/2021
– Complete overhaul of popup – conversion to full web pages
– backup and all other API related calls utilising new format

Updates 21/9/2020
– Initial work to run in sandbox environments (metadata export/ backup not working)
– Dataflow layout enhancements – auto arrange, straighten, auto load/ save attempts

Updates 2/6/2020
– Small fix to ensure running in sandbox environments
– removed unnecessary permissions in manifest

Updates 28/1/2020
– BUGFIX ensured that the static editor functionality is all there.
– This release should have most of functionality running with future release – have had to put in support to run with a new editor (SAQL). Note – drag drop not working on SAQL editor.
– Added job history node download for detailed dataflow run analysis.

Updates 6/11/2019
– BUGFIX put in fix to stop split error message on measure filter in lens

Updates 7/10/2019
– Initial work to ensure it works with future releases of Einstein/ Salesforce
– Updated both saql editing and dataflow layouts to handle multiple containers
– Added comments (by right mouse clicking) for dataflow layouts
– Added description text box for saql editing (appears on side tree)

Updates 24/09/2019
– Added dataflow layout handling

Updates 16/09/2019
– Added more functionality to the popup page around Metadata/ Discovery

Updates 20/8/2019
– tweaked backup to allow more functionality

Updates 14/8/2019
– added popup functionality to allow backup of recently modified objects in EA
– added shortcut (default Ctrl-Shft-S) to toggle sidebar – can be modified in extensions/ keyboard shortcuts
– added ‘draggable’ menu to show datasets used in current SAQL query – and SAQL functions as well (ie, can drag/ drop measures/ dims into editor)
– tweaked the static editor to allow for more room (use resizable text area)
– automatically append new lines after ‘;’ if none present (displays nicer)

Updates 30/7/2019
– tweaked the static flex editor to provide more control over the data type (classify as string, number or object/array by toggling button)
– made side menu size adjustable by dragging bottom corner square

Updates 15/7/2019
– can show hide side by clicking on the icon
– also allows you to modify pigql style setup
– now you can right click on components to rename (including attached widgets)
– when clicking/ editing entities, it also jumps to the location in the json
– new static step editor

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