This Chrome extension detects tweets that have been liked by their own authors, and highlights them with shiny self-love medals!

Built for fun by @daniguardiolame.


# It stops working randomly, fix it you lazy f%#k!

It’s not my fault, it’s Twitter and their rate-limiting policy.

# It doesn’t work if I’m not logged in!

Yep. Can’t do anything about it. Sorry.

## How to look under the hood

Other than reading the code itself, you can enable three debugging options that I baked in. To do this, you need to open the devtools console, and switch to the extension content (“Egolatron” instead of “top” in the dropdown). Then, execute the following:

– For detailed logs: `_egolatron.setLog(true)`
– For detailed stats: `_egolatron.setStats(true)`
– For debug styles: `_egolatron.setDebug(true)`

To disable, pass `false` instead.

Enabling debug styles will also enable logs and stats, overriding their individual settings. The debug styles will show a blue border for tweets that are being analyzed, green for tweets confirmed to not be ‘self-liked’ and red for ‘self-liked’ tweets (this will replace the fancy styles with the animated medal).

## Where to find the code

Just check the “extension/content-script.js” file in the GitHub repo (link at the top).

## How to thank me for this incredible and necessary contribution to humanity

Star the repo on GitHub, follow me on Twitter (@daniguardiolame) and check out my website:

## Changelog

– 1.3: Fixed false positives and rate-limit bugs, improved medal design.
– 1.2: Disabled debug mode, which I left enabled by mistake in 1.1.
– 1.1: Fixed bearerToken grabber and improved tweet ID and username detection.
– 1.0: Initial version.

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