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Found a great article but don’t have time to read it now? Save the web page to your email and read it later.
Email This removes ads, distractions and crufty sidebars from a web page and sends a cleaned-up, readable view of the page to your email inbox. You can then open up your email inbox and read your saved articles whenever you want.

Email This is a simpler alternative to bookmarking and “read later” tools like Pocket, Instapaper & Readability. There is no need to signup for a new service or install any additional applications to read your saved bookmarks. You can even access your saved bookmarks offline on your mobile phones and tablets.

Benefits & features

* Save any web page or article with one-click

* Save the current page with a keyboard shortcut

* [NEW] Add notes and keywords to your saved pages. This helps you search for your content faster.

* [NEW] Include PDF snapshot of all web pages

* [NEW] PDF files, images, DOCX, PPTs and Excel sheets will be automatically downloaded and sent as email attachments.

* Right-click and save links without opening them. We will open up that link, extract useful content from it and send you an email with its contents.

* [NEW] From your mobile devices (both Android or iOS) use the share menu and send a link to [email protected]. EmailThis will reply with the contents of that page.

* Automatically adds a bookmarklet that lets you save pages from mobile and tablet devices (Chrome for Android, iPhone, iPad etc).

* Completely free to use.

Email This
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