FanFic Filter


FanFic Filter is for those who don’t want to trudge through the archives when they only have a specific preference of what they want to see.

Filters can be created based on amount Chapters, Words, Reviews, Favorites and Follows. The user is free to create their own filters, whether it be the amount of words per chapter or review-to-chapter ratio.

Filters can also be created for the story summary, allowing the user to enter tags which they want to be filtered out. If the user wants all the stories with ‘slash’ in their summaries filtered out, they just need to create a summary filter tag for ‘slash’. Or, if the user so desires to only see stories with ‘slash’, they can use positive tag filters.

Character filters have been added, so the user can filter based on the characters and can choose more than the four character limit provided by the website’s default filters.

Endless scrolling has also been added, so now pages will automatically load and filter, without having to manually go through pages with sometimes only one or two results.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome to make this extension more useful and versatile.

*: Extension only shown when visiting FanFiction.Net.

**: Will need to refresh already open tabs after installing/enabling the extension for the filter to work.

***: Users can now change settings; decide whether to show images or not, and change what type the default tag filter will be.

FanFic Filter
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