Form Snips


For speeding up repeated data form input- usually data from a database, to a web form or PDF file.

Creates draggable Snippits of information for rapid and accurate drag and drop form fill.

Automatically resizes the FormSnips window conveniently to the left of your Chrome browser.

Businesses integrate FormSnips into their systems by creating URL links containing the data for the web form.

These systems use software that can send data from a step or hyperlink URL : passing data and the destination form URL to When this Chrome Extension is loaded the browser will automatically resize, display the draggable snippits and display the destination form ready for very quick completion.

With FormSnips you will see productivity and accuracy increased very significantly – compared to the user having to switch back and forth from another application to cut and paste data.

Typically used by businesses where many online forms are completed every day.

The online Version of FormSnips is free to use.

Businesses however typically purchase a copy of the FormSnips server (from Lean Software Ltd) to run on their own intranet for ultimate data security. showcases the latest version of the software. and this Chrome extension are provided by Lean Software Ltd (UK), helping firms for over 10 years.

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Form Snips
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