Fortnite Star Wars HD wallpapers


Fortnite Star Wars HD Wallpapers – By Chromewalls

Chromewalls brings you the brand new Fortnite Star Wars HD Wallpapers extension, created exclusively for your browser.
This extension comes with different wallpapers of Fortnite Star Wars, and lets you use different features that come as a part of it.

With Fortnite Star Wars HD Wallpapers extension you’ll be able to do the following:

1. Change your new tab background with images related to Fortnite Star Wars
You can choose to display only one image when you open a new tab page, or make them change automatically.
2. Check out what time and date it is
Once you open a new tab, you’ll notice clock and date section in the lower left corner. You are also able to hide this
feature, if you don’t want to use it.
3. Use the Apps, Share and Rate panels
These panels are located in the upper left corner. Once you click on the Apps, you’ll open up a panel that shows you the
most popular sites. Use Share button to spread the word about our extension on social media, while the Rate button will
instantly take you to our extension on Web Store, where you can leave your rating.

You’ll find the options button in the lower right corner, which looks like a circle with three dots on it. Once you click on it, three options will pop up. The first one is settings. Here you can choose whether you want a date and time to be visible or not, the color of your tab and whether you want a specific image to be fixated or to make all of the images switch automatically.
Second option will open up a panel, where you’ll see all of the wallpapers that are part of this extension and choose which one of them you want to use. The third option looks like a heart and once you click on it, you’ll open our website where you can find all of the extensions that we’ve created, as well as some fun articles.

Chromewalls, or any images that are a part of our extensions are not represented by any company or brand. The images we used are found on the web. If we violated you copyright or in any other way used the material we shouldn’t, please contact us and all of the content in question will be removed immediately.

Feel free to check our other items in the store by searching „chromewalls“. You can find all of our work on, so make sure you check that out as well. We strongly encourage you to share our extension with your friends and other fellow fans of Fortnite.

Fortnite Star Wars HD wallpapers
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