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Click to call from anywhere

Hate copy-pasting numbers every single time while making a call from a webpage?

Here is a little something that can help you!

“Click to Call” any phone number listed on a website you are browsing with Freshcaller. This Chrome extension highlights (in Fuchsia) the phone numbers on a website and displays the Freshcaller logo right there for you to place the call.

How do you Click to Call?

Install the chrome extension by clicking the Add to Chrome button listed on this page.
Sign in to your Freshcaller account from the overlay that opens up.
After a successful login, you will see the lock symbol disappear from the extension logo.
Now, you will see the phone number(s) on your web page highlighted(in Fuschia).
Click on the highlighted number to place the call.
The Freshcaller dial pad pops up for you to place the call right within the website.
And, there you go. You can click and call instantly via Freshcaller.

Feature capabilities

Instant communication:
Every highlighted number on a website is dialable without having to switch tabs

Custom preferences:
Exclude websites or pages on which you don’t want the phone numbers to be highlighted
Choose to hide or show the Freshcaller logo to appear beside the highlighted numbers

End to end coverage:
Identifies and highlights all the phone numbers listed on a webpage to make it convenient for you to dial the phone number that’s most relevant to you.

Freshcaller – Click to Call
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