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Hey there,

Are you not able to find a relevant search result?
Perform target oriented search queries with Funnel Search.

it uses advanced search operators to perform complex search queries for you.
you can restrict your results with various search operator, that will bring the most relevant results for you.

List of query restriction operators.
* Query by specific country (e.g. United States) .
* Query by specific domain name (e.g.
* Query by specific language.
* Query for specific file type such as pdf, svg, ppt, etc.
* Query for a specific time period (e.g from-12/24/2005, to 06/25/2020)
* Filter your results by the last modification date.
* Exclude unwanted keyword from the results.
* Include Specific keyword in the results.

Useful for someone who is researching documents, content for assignment, can easily find ppt, pdf file, where he/she can easily restrict the results based on their requirement and perform a targeted query or you are looking for a sale on your favorite store can focus your queries for a specific website.

Hoping, this extension is making your googling experience better.

Happy Coding!
Happy googling!

Funnel Search
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