Healthy Protector


Improve your flexibility and healthy by reminding you regularly of stretching your body. Simple actions can make a big difference!

Sitting down for long periods of time during a day can lead to a great number of health problems that ultimately shorten your lifespan. This app helps you live longer.

This app will show you a new stretch after a period of time that you could do right in your office or even at your desk. Just follow the graphic and the on-screen instructions and start stretching more throughout the day!

With COVID-19 and the current quarantine situation, we’ve been much more sedentary and staying in one place while working from home. Healthy Protector is a gentle reminder to keep moving throughout the day. We hope that this app can help keep you healthy and saner during these strange times!

We’ve worked with yoga instructors as well as office ergonomic experts to put together this collection of illustrations. We’ve also tried to feature a diverse set of models in the illustrations to capture the diversity of folks at work.

Healthy Protector will hopefully bring more movement to your body throughout these solitary days in quarantine. We will be adding more stretches to the extension as time goes on, so please stay updated!

As a final disclaimer – please know your own body and ease into stretches at your own pace. Moving your body can be hard especially if you’re not used to it, so ease into the poses to avoid injury.

* Features

** Fully customisable to your working hour.
** Set your reminder interval.
** A variety of exercises config by your favorite
** Detailed tutorial make sure you never do wrong
** Auto pause and resume when you lock the computer
** Working at Background. Don’t need to open the Browser

Let’s rate and feedback to us for improving this application. Thanks in advance.

Healthy Protector
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