HiYo-Chat anonymously


Chat Anonymously without any signup on every website in real time. Meet the Internet.
HiYo Chat adds anonymous, live chat to every website. With HiYo Chat, now every domain has a built-in, chat-based community that is just a click away. You can think of it like an embedded hangout in your browser, where the chat room is whatever website you’re on, and you can chat with other people on that website anonymously. You don’t need to sign up or give any personal information to use this.
This one app brings all the communication power to your browser and it’s called HiYo. It is open source and you don’t need to think about your privacy since it’s completely anonymous and you don’t need to sign up or give any personal info. HiYo is the easiest way to chat with others from your Browser.
HiYo Chat was built to provide a more seamless social chat experience keeping people’s privacy in mind. We’ve given every domain its own chat community on the web. With HiYo, chat will never be the same. We couldn’t be more excited to have you come chat with us.

People are already using HiYo to:
# Watch and chat about shows together on YouTube, Netflix and other websites.
# Find deals on Amazon
# Chat with visitors to their own sites
# Get live help on Stack Overflow
# Instantly connect in online classrooms;
# Talk and take advice from people on LinkedIn, twitter.
# Chat with other developers on localhost, Stackoverflow.
# Chat about their favorite football team on or;
# Chat about every topic imaginable on over 1.5 billion websites.

During your surfing the web and opening other web pages, simply click to the extension button and window chat will be shown on the current page. Yes, it’s that simple. No need to register in other platforms or share your account credentials to third party applications.

HiYo-Chat anonymously
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