Homestuck Notifier


Automatically tracks your spot as you read through Homestuck (or any other story on that site: Problem Sleuth, The Homestuck Epilogues, etc.) and brings you back to the last page you’ve read at the click of a button. No more needing to edit bookmarks manually, or struggling to remember your last page when you forgot to edit the bookmark.

It will also pop-up a notification whenever there is a new update on If there are ever any additions to the epilogues, or if a brand new story gets posted, you’ll know right away with this extension!

On the Options page, you can:
– turn notifications on or off
– upload a custom notification icon
– upload a custom sound clip to play when there are updates
– turn the page count on or off (if enabled, the button in the toolbar will show how many pages you have left to read)

You can find all the source code for this extension here:

The simplified Sburb house icon was created by Chris Howlett:

Homestuck itself and all related trademarks belong to Andrew Hussie & VIZ Media. The green house-like icon for this extension was inspired by the Homestuck Sburb icon, which belongs to Andrew Hussie & VIZ Media.

This extension was previously called “MSPA Notifier” back when Homestuck could be found on

Homestuck Notifier
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