Discover HushApp
HushApp is your application to protect and share your messages and files securely from the browser of any device. It is a solution designed for people concerned about security in their digital lives, whether in the personal or professional field.

With our extension, HushApp will open in a new incognito window, for your comfort and tranquility.
In order to open in an incognito window, you need to activate the following permission: allow HushApp extension to work in incognito mode (otherwise the extension will open our webapp in a normal browser window).

HushApp facilitates the daily protection of your private information.

How? putting end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge technology at your fingertips, in a simple way. Usability and a good user experience are one of our priorities

HushApp will make your online life safer – It’s easy, it’s amazing and most of all safe.

Encrypting your communications is easy, check it …
Download the HushApp extension for your browser now!

Advantages of using HushApp:

• Send and share messages and files securely
Share your private message and/or files with whoever you want, whether or not you have the application. Send Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, images, videos and more with complete peace of mind.

• Manage your contacts
Manage your contact list from HushApp, search, add or remove from this section to your acquaintances, everytime you need it. So, you can share with them whatever you want from any place and in an easy way.

• Take control
Follow the files you send and receive. You will know what, when and who you have sent it, simply accessing to your transfer history.

• Total Privacy
HushApp values ​​your privacy right to the fullest. For this reason we have designed this application based on zero knowledge protocol, this means we do not have access to your messages or files and your passwords.

Questions, problems, or comments?
We would love to hear you! Let us know if you have any questions, problems, or comments, contact us through: [email protected]

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