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This is the hyperDart official chrome browser extension. The extension will show intelligent answer cards powered by our network of high quality data providers in response to your search queries.

* Find answers to your queries faster

* Avoid hopping from link to link to find the information you are looking for

* See intelligent answer cards from some of the best information providers on the web

* Smart autocomplete and intelligent answer suggestions as you type your search

* Comes standard with light, dark and blackout themes

How it works:
When you perform a search either using the browser omnibox or using the hyperDart search on a new tab, you will see answer cards powered by a host of high quality provider partners in addition to standard web search results.

By clicking “Add to chrome”, you accept and agree to installing the hyperDart Search extension and setting Chrome™ New Tab and default search to that provided by the service and the Terms of Use at and Privacy Policy at

The extension will update your search settings and will change your search engine to be powered by Bing

For any support or feedback, contact us at

Know more about hyperDart at

hyperDart Search
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