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JS Digger allows you to stop scrolling through hundreds of lines of JavaScript source code when trying to understand or modify a web application or HTML5 based game. It works by listing all the JavaScript functions and variables on the webpage available through the window object. You can filter the results with queries for their values, types, or names, and subsequently refresh, examine, or modify them right from the app.

A few common uses for JS Digger include the following:

If you are playing a game which shows you a score or number of lives, you can find the variable that dictates that number simply by searching for a variable with “number” as the type and the score as the value.

If you need to determine what functions modify or use html elements with a particular class or ID, you could search for a function that contains a specific class or ID.

If you are looking for a variable or function with a particular term within its name, value, or source code, you could search for a variable or function which includes that term in its name or value. You can even specify whether you are looking for a “function”, “string”, “number”, “boolean”, or other JavaScript data type.

TERMS OF SERVICE: JS Digger can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements within the extension. All updates, bug fixes, and future features are free after downloading JS Digger. Unauthorized distribution or modification of JS Digger or any of its contents through any medium is prohibited (regardless of whether you purchased a copy of the extension) without explicit written permission from the copyright holder. JS Digger’s terms of service may be subject to change without notice. You are agreeing to these conditions by downloading or using JS Digger or any of its contents. Use JS Digger responsibly.

PRIVACY POLICY: This extension will never collect, save, or transmit any of your personal data. JS Digger works by injecting a script into the webpage upon launching the extension from the developer tools menu. This script collects every JavaScript variable, function, and object and subsequently returns them to the devtools portion (the display) of the app. Without this script, the extension would not be able to function. Therefore, your permission is required upon downloading the extension to enable its functionality.

David Ofir: JS Digger Logo
Brittany Stevens: Advising
Dr. Sidney Levy: Advising

Created by Alexander Feinstein

Copyright © 2018 by Alexander Feinstein
All Rights Reserved

JS Digger
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