Lists for Life


UPDATE: Now with live filtering as you type to help find items in longer lists.

Life’s Leger, a simple tool for a busy person.

Throughout the day you can easily click the icon in the top right and begin adding to your daily list.

Need to remember to buy milk? Throw it on the list!

Let your Life’s Leger remember for you.

Double click an item to remove it as you go throughout your day.

A badge number on the extension icon will keep you up to date on how many items you have left on your list.


Features on the horizon:

1.) Single click strikethrough option in addition to the current double click delete.

2.) Add items from the omnibox by simply typing “leger:” and hitting tab, followed by whatever you want to add. (cmd/ctrl + L moves your cursor to the omnibox by default in chrome, so adding from the omnibox would be a quick add option)

3.) Cloud support to share your lists across all of your devices.

4.) Mobile friendly site to allow access on the go.

5.) Full settings page to give control over color themes, fonts, and popup sizing options.

6.) Social media/email share option for lists (Think sending out a Christmas list, or sharing a grocery list, bills, etc)

Not sure if worth adding, but maybe if requested:

1.) List download option.

2.) Keyboard shortcuts to open the extension.

3.) Full featured website, maintaining minimalist design, but adding bigger features.

4.) Highlight text in browser + right-click menu option to add that text as a list item .

5.) Multiple tabs to manage different lists.

If you have any ideas, please send a message on the support tab! If I know how to do it, I’ll likely add it in hours, and if I don’t know how I’m sure I’ll learn how and add it in a day or two!

Any developers that want to fork the project or submit a pull-request:

Lists for Life
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