Local Explorer – File Manager on web browser


Local Explorer gives a simple file manager that lets you browse and open local file links directly in your web browser.

Local Explorer opens Windows Explorer when a local folder is clicked, or associated application when a file is clicked. For examples, click *.doc file to open MS Word, click *.avi file to open Windows Media Player, and so on…

Local Explorer can open local file & folder links to the local hard disk drives, or company resources like network shares, mapped remote directories or Active Directory enterprise environment.

The two most commonly used applications on your computer are your file browser and your web browser. Wouldn’t it be great if they were both in one place?

C:\Users\my_user_name\Documents (“My Documents” folders)
\\\shared\local\folders\files (network drive)
W:\folder\ and W:\folder\file.doc (on webpages they’re “file:///W:/folder/” and “file:///W:/folder/file.doc”)

– We built this long ago for our in-house system, and now we publish it and it’s free. If you found a problem, contact us at [email protected] or the “Send Feedback” button to the right before you post a negative review.
– We don’t support Unicode yet. The extension won’t work if the path or file name contains Unicode characters.
– Currently it works only on Windows, we would build Mac OS and Linux version if we got high volume of requests.
– For the people complain about anti-vir warnings, it was a FALSE POSITIVE. We rebuilt our Integration module, see this
– Silent Enterprise client installation for LocalExplorer protocol handler: LocalExplorer-Setup.exe /S

For security reason, Google has made a policy to not allow webpages to read-write local resource on hard drives. So we need an integration between the Chrome Extension and File System (Windows Explorer, Mac OS Finder) using an external software. To install both, just follow the simple steps described in
– Step 1: Add the extension to Chrome/Firefox/Safari to browser and enable “Allow access to file URLs”.
– Step 2: Set your default folder in Options page and click Save Settings.
– Step 3: On Windows, download and install this app for Windows Explorer integration, just run “LocalExplorer-Setup.exe” once then you’re ready to go. Now you can open local file links directly while browsing the web.
SILENT INSTALL command line for the Integration module: LocalExplorer-Setup.exe /S

Local Explorer – File Manager on web browser
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