Lucid is a React / GraphQL Developer Tool designed for helping developers debug their React applications that depend on GraphQL resources. Lucid developer tool allows you to visualize the component hierarchy of your React application and your GraphQL schema, queries, and mutations side by side, making debugging easier.

– Download React Developer Tool before using the Lucid Developer Tool.
– Lucid is in BETA mode and works best for React v16+ local projects in development environments.

How It Works
Lucid parses through your React app to generate an interactive tree graph representing your React component hierarchy with node-specific state and props data. The tree updates with each change to user app state and displays a log of state diffs on the side. This is done by creating a persistent data bridge to the user application via Chrome background and content scripts. Lucid injects scripts utilizing React DevTool’s Global Hook to recursively traverse through the React DOM each time setState is called, resulting in a tree and log that display real-time feedback. Our app itself uses React so as the state of your live app changes, the Lucid tree graph will also provide visual feedback of data flow and state changes through the React components.

Lucid intercepts HTTP requests using Chrome developer tool APIs and GraphQL’s schema introspection to display a log of real-time Apollo client/server queries and mutations, along with their GraphQL schema and response objects. This allows full-stack developers to debug their app from the front-end through to the back-end, as requests are generated, flow through the server and back to the DOM.

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