Make Rikkeisoft News Great Again


Use your favorite emoticons on Rikkeisoft News.

– Use funny stickers in Comment section.
– Hide useless *New* ribbon in homepage.
– Keep the header position fixed on PC screen (> 1200px).
– Display Markdown Cheatsheet under comment editor.
– Add Hover Card feature for displaying tagged user Information in Comment section.
– View images in Post in Gallery Mode.

– v0.9.3.6:
+ Display correct role on profile card.
+ Fix styling of avatar on profile card.

– v0.9.3:
+ Add option to disable autoplayed video on Multimedia widget.
+ Add Hover Card for Top Members.

– v0.9.0:
+ Hotfix for Youtube layout.

– v0.8.8:
+ Hotfix for new design.
+ Fix display profile picture on comment.

– v0.8.3:
+ Fix alignment in Profile card.

– v0.8.2:
+ Upgrade Viewer.JS to 1.5.0.

– v0.8.1:
+ Fix floating menu is displayed on other pages.

– v0.8.0:
+ Add Sticker Preview popup. Now you can preview large stickers before using it.
+ Upgrade Gallery Viewer for better performance.

– v0.7.2:
+ Fix undefined when display profile popover.

– v0.7.1:
+ Change markdown help link.

– v0.7.0:
+ Change extension main icon.

– v0.6.9:
+ Change background color of profile popover.

– v0.6.6:
+ Re-enable hot update for stickers.

– v0.6.5:
+ Fix sticker picker closes after scrolling.

– v0.6.3:
+ Fix focused editor issue.
+ Fix caching for member profile.
+ Disable update check for better performance.

– v0.6.2:
+ Fix styling of Menu toggling button.

– v0.6.0:
+ Code refactoring.

– v0.5.7:
+ Block bad words.

– v0.5.5:
+ Add more funny cat stickers.
+ Change toggle sidebar icon.

– v0.5.2:
+ Add Mimi & Neko stickers.
+ Display Toggle Sidebar button in Category page.

– v0.5.0:
+ Add RongVang sticker pack.
+ Remove Piggy sticker pack.
+ Add Toggle Sidebar button to show the sidebar.

– v0.3.5:
+ Add Piggy Sticker pack for Tet Holiday.

– v0.3.3:
+ Add Kanahei Sticker pack.
+ Add Gallery feature for viewing images in a post without scrolling.
+ Add Options page.

– v0.2.9:
+ Add Hover Card feature for displaying User Information on Comment Section.
+ Fix sticker picker button is oversized.

– v0.2.2:
+ Make default emoticons smaller.
+ Remove `See more` button.

– v0.2.1
+ Add more stickers.
+ Inject CSS for better performance.
+ Fix append emoticon to incorrect comment editor.

– v0.1.7:
+ Fixed header location on PC screen.

– v0.1.6:
+ Fix displaying emoticon incorrectly.
+ Add Markdown Cheatsheet under comment section.
+ Support Markdown editor in Emoticon picker.

– v0.1.2:
+ Add more emoticons.
+ Hide *New* ribbon in homgepage.
+ Change smile emoticons to a funny emoticon.

– v0.0.9:
+ Fix JS error in homepage.
+ Display post list and post detail in full width.

– v0.0.8:
+ Add custom emoticons to emoticon picker.

Submit your ideas/funny stickers/emoticons to: [email protected]

This is an open source project. Hosted on GitHub:

Make Rikkeisoft News Great Again
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