Meet Scheduler


This chrome extension creates alarm for your google meet/zoom links by just accepting the link and start time from the Custom tab (IIT Jodhpur students can select the slots and the course from the Student tab). As soon as the alarm is triggered, the given link gets opened in a new tab (You can even manage the start time in the Settings tab according to your convenience). It even has an Auto Join feature which will automatically join the meeting for you (with mic and camera off)!
To use the auto join feature, turn on the Auto Join switch in the Settings tab and change the User Account to the number corresponding to the account using which you want to join the meeting. The image added for your reference shows that the account corresponding to IIT Jodhpur has index 2 and hence one should select 2 in the User Account drop-down list if they want to use that account. Same logic applies to any other account a user might want to use.
The alarms are categorized according to Today, Tomorrow and Later in the Upcoming Tab. You can even turn them off by just clicking on the green tick-mark besides the alarm.
The Meet Scheduler switch on the top of the pop-up is a switch for the entire extension. If you turn that off, the extension won’t trigger any alarm for you.

This project is open sourced at
Feel free to collaborate and contribute to the project!

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Meet Scheduler
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