Merch Ad Automator


Integrated smoothly with your Merch by Amazon dashboard empowering you to create AMS ads on the fly. Spend less time creating ads and take your Amazon Merch business to the next level.

– You can now create PopSocket ads
– Better dashboard integration (extension now lives under it’s very own Ads tab)

KDP ads are here!

KDP offers a free AMS access to their users, separate from your Merch by Amazon AMS account, which should also be available to people who do not currently have a Merch by Amazon AMS account.

1. How to set up your KDP AMS account:

– When you open your KDP bookshelf you will see a “Promote and Advertise” button for every product (Under PAPERBACK ACTIONS for every listing)
– Clicking on this link will let you access your KDP AMS account
– You will, same as with MBA, need to copy your KDP Entity ID from the URL and paste it into the corresponding “Setting” field of the Merch Ad Automator extension

2. How to get your KDP Entity ID:

– When on your KDP AMS account you can copy the ID from the URL field
– – you just need to copy the uppercase letters and numbers from the URL. In the example URL above my Entity ID would be: ENTITY24FL8675GTHRE9A6

Merch Ad Automator
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