MyDart is a Chrome extension that takes many of the resources that Dartmouth students use and centralizes them into one easy-to-use interface!

Main Features Include:

1. Access to web resources such as:
* BannerStudent
* Library Resources (ability to search for books or other media to check out/reserve)
* DA$H, DBA, & Meal Swipes (ability to see your account and deposit funds)
* The Dartmouth newspaper
* LaundryView (ability to see what washers are free as well as send alerts directly to your phone when the washers/dryers are done)
* DDS Menu (ability to see what the meal specials are as well as nutrition facts)

2. Desktop Notifications!

You can choose to be notified about:
– important events listed on the Academic Calendar (these notifications occur on the day before and the day of the particular event)
– newly published articles from The Dartmouth newspaper
– reminders about your class schedule!

How class schedule notifications work:

Click on the button called “Class Schedule Notifications” and follow the popup instructions which will show you how to upload your class schedule to MyDart. After uploading your schedule to MyDart, you will receive desktop notifications that will warn you when you have 15 minutes left until your next class.

Other Instructions:

Simply choose between clicking on the items in the list to change the content you want to view or use the hover auto-select option to have the content change whenever you place you mouse over the item. If you need any help figuring out how to use the extension, just toggle the tutorial tooltips and you will see messages that will describe the extension’s features as your mouse hovers over certain items.

Hidden Background Feature:

MyDart now fixes the common Google Chrome glitch associated with accessing the Academic Timetable of Class Meetings! Simply download MyDart and you will automatically notice that the glitch no longer occurs and you can choose your courses normally as you would on any other browser!

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