Version 10.1.1 has been finalized and it’s been improved quite a bit! Here’s what is new in this update:

– fine tuned the 10th revision to the styling
– removed the ugly corners from the icon
– increased the font size in the toggle menu
– optimized the memory usage to use even less ram
– deactivated its usage on some sites it doesn’t get along with

NightMode is a tool that provides a relief to those who read heavily on the web. There is a misconception that screens are bad for our eyes. What really is happening is every site that has a “simple, elegant, and white” background makes the monitor turn hundreds of thousands of LEDs to their maximum brightness and stays that way the entire time you’re reading it.

There are solutions that invert the colors which do the job somewhat but, the achilles heal to that solution is when there is a portion of the page that was black becomes a bright spot on what was suppose to be a now darkened page. This solution also ruins images, rendering that solution somewhat of a nuisance. But, it was the best that we had, that is until until now.

NightMode goes deeper than any solution for those who are sensitive to bright light has before and seeks out every section of the page it can get to in order to darken it and make it friendly to our eyes.

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