– Save/recover tabs (the saved websites are only stored locally)
– Sort/Organize tabs
– Search saved tabs
– Filter for saved tabs by date/domain
– Group similar tabs
– Sort saved tabs by session/time/count
– Exclusion list for screening tabs out
– Close tabs by exclusion lists
– Backup/restore saved tabs
– Window manager to recover/switch a tab
– Dark mode theme

Having trouble with your messy tab bar?

You can clean your messy tab bar and elegantly save tabs with NimoTab.

Save tabs in NimoTab instead of keeping them on your tab bar. You can recover these tabs anytime! Also, for your privacy, the saved websites are only stored locally. NimoTab also provides a simple window manager, you even can recover a tab in a new window or recover it in a window that you want. You also can jump to any tab just by clicking the window manager.

NimoTab can count the times of a saved tab, then you can figure out that you need to put the high-count tab on your bookmark instead of saving it again and again. It also can group similar tabs together, let you can read similar tabs at once to save your time.
Also, You can set up exclusion lists for excluding tabs by hostnames and keywords. Tabs won’t be saved if they were matched by the lists. You can clean your messy tab bar and elegantly save tabs with NimoTab.

Don’t worry you might lose the data. You can download and import the backup data.

By the way, NimoTab also supports dark mode for better user experience!

Happy net surfing!

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