Ondoku (Voice Reading)


### Summary

Text to speech extension for browsers, thanks to API by ResponsiveVoice.js.

The feature is simple.
When you make a text selection, the text speaks.

TTS(Text To Speech) functionality comes from ResponsiveVoiceJS.
So if you feel that this extension is useful, please give thanks to the original API provider

To toggle on/off this extension, please click a speaker button on the browser’s toolbar button.

By default, this extension is disabled. So please switch on by clicking the speaker icon on browser toolbar

### Powered by

– ResponsiveVoiceJS for voice data []
– guessLanguage.js for detecting language of selected text []

### Note

Please note that there are some languages with multiple associated voices like English.
You can configure which voice is preferred with those text.

For English:
– UK English Female (default)
– UK English Male
– US English Female
– Australian Female

For Portuguese:
– Brazilian Portuguese Female
– Portuguese Female (default)

For Spanish:
– Spanish Female (default)
– Spanish Latin American Female

For Serbo-Croatian:
– Montenegrin Male
– Serbo-Croatian Male (default)
– Bosnian Male

For Romanian:
– Moldavian Male
– Romanian Male (default)

Additionally, auto text language detection cannot identify text written in “Hatian Creole”.
So if you would like to hear voice of Hatian Creole, please disable “Auto detect language” option and set the language manually.

### Supported voices

The original ResponsiveVoiceJS API supports:

– Afrikaans Male
– Albanian Male
– Arabic Male
– Armenian Male
– Australian Female
– Bosnian Male
– Brazilian Portuguese Female
– Catalan Male
– Chinese Female
– Croatian Male
– Czech Female
– Danish Female
– Deutsch Female
– Dutch Female
– Esperanto Male
– Finnish Female
– French Female
– Greek Female
– Hatian Creole Female
– Hindi Female
– Hungarian Female
– Icelandic Male
– Indonesian Female
– Italian Female
– Japanese Female
– Korean Female
– Latin Female
– Latvian Male
– Macedonian Male
– Moldavian Male
– Montenegrin Male
– Norwegian Female
– Polish Female
– Portuguese Female
– Romanian Male
– Russian Female
– Serbian Male
– Serbo-Croatian Male
– Slovak Female
– Spanish Female
– Spanish Latin American Female
– Swahili Male
– Swedish Female
– Tamil Male
– Thai Female
– Turkish Female
– UK English Female
– UK English Male
– US English Female (Default voice)
– Vietnamese Male
– Welsh Male

Ondoku (Voice Reading)
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