Paizo Campaign Tools


This is a set of tools designed to enhance the Paizo forum experience.

Current tools are:

* Campaign Sorter (lets you sort campaign pages)
* User Blacklist (greys out or hides posts by certain users)
* Custom Avatar Selection (lets you display a custom avatar for any user)
* Alias Selector (lets you set a default posting alias for each campaign, then automatically selects it when you visit one of that campaign’s threads)
* Alias Sorter (lets you sort user alias pages, and adds a consolidated “table view”)
* Arranger (rearranges the user campaigns page to be more readable [with less scrolling])
* Inactive Alias Designation (allows you to designate aliases as “inactive”, causing them to be displayed in a separate section of the page)
* Highlighter (highlights the “(x new)” link on campaign pages)
* Extended Formatting Tags (BBCode): underline ([u][/u]), color ([color=red][/color]), and code ([code][/code])
* “Need to Post” Indicator (allows you to mark a campaign as needing a post from you; automatically resets when you post in that campaign, or can be manually toggled via the button. Automatically sets itself when you have unread posts in the campaign.)
* Header Hider: lets you hide the giant banner at the top of every page

NOTE: Campaign chat has been disabled due to server troubles.

Paizo Campaign Tools
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