You are on your favorite chat or browsing your favorite social media when suddenly a wild and scary image of a spider appears! PhobiaBlocker lets you enjoy a phobia free web.

PhobiaBlocker blocks scary images of your phobia. Choose what to block from a long list of physical things.

• Automatically block images representing physical things you chose
• Manually block or unblock images with a right-click
• Automatically block or trust (for performance saving) images whose src matches a given regex (blocking has priority)
• Add trusted websites (domain name with sub domain) for performance saving

• Quick selection to block spider-like and insect-like images
• Advanced selection from a long list of physical things
• Speed/Accuracy tradeoff of the automatic blocker
• Risk management of the automatic blocker
• Add or remove a regex to automatically trust or block images using their src
• Enable dark or light mode (dark mode by default)
• Pause the automatic blocker (manual blocking is still enabled)
• Label trusted website from the popup

• No browsing data is sent to an external endpoint.
• Images are analysed on your computer but there are not saved in any way.

Technical details and restrictions
• To analyse images Machine Learning models for imagenet classification are used. The list of things to block comes from imagenet classes. This is why there are only physical things. For instance blocking abstract phobia like fear of heights or gore is not supported.
• Are analysed and svg elements . When a new image is added to the DOM or is changing, the element is also analysed. Images from canvas and css property background-image are not supported.
• Images are first temporary blocked before their analyse. Images can sometimes blink before being temporary blocked.
• More than 99% of the size of the extension come from the Machine Learning models.

As a bonus a little surprise for Tibetan Mastiff lovers! (Can be disabled in the options)

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