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Do you find yourself bookmarking youtube videos/songs that you like? If you do, this chrome extension is for you. When you install it, the user-friendly interface displays three easy steps for you to follow: locate the folders that hold your youtube bookmarks (my folder names are “Music”, “Music 2”, and “Music 3”), type in the names of those folders into the extension separated by a comma (“Music,Music 2,Music 3”), and finally, choose whether to listen to the songs in-order or shuffled and you’ll begin listening to hours of music.

After you click the “Shuffle” or “In-order” button, a small window will appear and you can relax from there on out; the chrome extension will automatically select a new song and play it once the old song is over.

v1.0 – Initial release.
v1.1 – Fixed bug in v1.1 where songs were still duplicating.
v1.2 (1/25/19) – Fixed bug where unavailable/deprecated/removed/country-blocked videos are automatically skipped and banned to assure they never reappear.
v1.3 – Completely refactored code and reduced pause time between song transition.
v2.0 – Reset versioning system to do it properly. Removed scrollbar removal feature and fixed some UI issues.
v2.2 – Added functionality to store a user’s 5 most recent playlists. Also added error messages for empty bookmark folders/playlists.
v2.3 – Fixed a few bugs with error messages and button functionality.

This extension is also available as a Firefox add-on :

Playlist generator
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