PubMonkey automates creation of Google Ad Manager and MoPub orders with hundreds of line items in seconds – doing all the “monkey job” instead of you! (hence the name). PubMonkey supports a number of header bidding / in-app bidding services. Please refer to the screenshot section to see the list of supported Header Bidding Services.

Full list of features:
✅ Export and Backup your orders configuration.
It exports order and all included line items settings to a JSON file so that you can store them locally and synchronize between your devices.

✅ Export ad sources for a particular ad unit (MoPub only).
You get a CSV export of the ad sources set up for a particular ad unit. This allows you to backup the configuration and compare it to the adjusted setup later.

✅ Import and Transfer your orders configuration.
Tune your orders even being offline by editing JSON file. Import it to any Mopub/GAM account in seconds. Same way you can restore pre-saved configuration.

✅ Create orders with granular line items.
Header bidding specifics requires a big set of similar line items that target a specific price niche. Do not waste hours on routine one-by-one operations! Let us do it for you.

✅ Duplicate orders easily.
Experiment with different granularity, advertisers, ad servers, ad units etc. making changes in the whole order, including all embedded line items.

✅ Multiply line items with custom settings.
Just make a template line item with custom settings and multiply it with one click. Thus, you will have a possibility to “play” with settings and organise monetization strategy.

✅ Perform a “health check” of your configuration and performance.

A note on permissions. The extension requests the following permissions:
These are absolutely necessary to communicate with the MoPub or Google Ad Manager website opened in a separate tab. “tabs” permission translates into “Read your browsing history” human readable permission, but we don’t access the actual history – we just access a MoPub/GAM tab.

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