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Encrypt your emails with is a new, free, and very simple and secure way to send confidential information through the Internet.
A qlink is just a normal link to a private message with the special feature that its content get auto-deleted once its read. By sending this link to another user you are guaranteed that, once the message is read, its content can never be retrieved or viewed by anyone else again.

Our priority is privacy so has many features to guarantee that your information is safe and private. Here are some of its key security features:

★ Simplicity
★ Client side encryption
★ Privacy
★ Auto-destroy
★ Volatility
★ Link expiration

– For this extension:
Use the context menu with the right mouse button or the shortcuts “Ctrl+Shift+z” to insert a new qlink and “Ctrl+Shift+ x” to replace selected text of your email message.
To avoid that while composing the mail, the ciphertext does not reach Google servers, we have developed a tool to prevent the contents of the email you’re writing is saved by Gmail in the ‘Drafts’ folder.
To enable this feature in your new email, select the button with the padlock before clicking on the ‘COMPOSE’ button.

See more technical information about in Team.

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