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This extension lets you quickly launch your favorite websites or URLs using keyboard shortcuts. The current version comes with 3 Non-Customizable Hotkeys namely ‘Alt + V’, ‘Alt + B’ and ‘Alt + N’ to launch URLs in one go.

*** HOW TO USE IT? ***

That’s very easy. Download and Install the Extension. Click the extension icon on the top-right corner and assign your favorite websites or URLs to any of the provided ‘Hotkeys’. Save the settings and it’s ready.


The extension requires the permission from the chrome browser to create new tabs and update current tab. It also needs to store the data, i.e, the URLs you save, locally on your computer. URLs you save aren’t being transferred to any remote computers and the developer has no access to any of your data.

However, some of the actions you perform, like number of times you open the extension and number of times you press any shortcut-key to launch URL is being tracked by the analytics script to understand the user behavior and improve the extension in the future. No private data is being compromised here as well.

Note- Before Installing, the Chrome Store Says -‘The extension can read your browsing history’, which is a quite misleading warning and there seems to be no way for me to fix this warning. The Extension has nothing to do with your browsing history. It only saves URLs you provide locally on your computer. Launch them by creating new tab or updating the current one. And, track how many times the extension is being used.


The software is Open Source under MIT License and is currently hosted on Github. Anyone is free to contribute, make changes and redistribute the software.
Repository link –


Raise a issue on GitHub –
Contact Developer – [email protected]

Rapid Links
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