Salesforce User Search


This Salesforce extension allows you to search for users using their Full Name, Id, Email or Username.

This will enable users to bypass the Salesforce 2 step process of viewing users.

When searching for a user if you input any of the following after the username it will do a specific function:
1. –login; this will automatically log in as the user.
2. –deactivate; this will prompt you to confirm deactivation it will then forward you to the user deactivation page and automatically deactivate the user.
3. –activate; this will prompt you to confirm activation it will then forward you to the user to the activated users page.
4. –edit; this will automatically take you to the users profile and it will go direct to edit mode on the user.
4. –reset; this will reset the users password after confirmation then redirect you to the users page.

There are more still to come! However if you fancy submitting a translation or if you notice an issue with a translation please do get in contact.

Salesforce User Search
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