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Scholar H-Index Calculator for Google Chrome™


Scholar H-Index Calculator is a bibliometric and citation analysis tool which works as an addon for Google Chrome putting additional insights on top of Google Scholar pages.

USAGE: Just visit and make queries. Enhanced information will pop up within the usual Google Scholar result pages.


-Computes most common bibliometric indices over Google Scholar pages on-the-fly
-Can program your own fancy bibliometric formulas
-Can automatically clean self and ghost citations away from computed indices
-Can complete author lists when Google Scholar truncates to the first 4 authors
-Can cluster papers based on possible authors’ homonymies
-Fast and immediate, no contact with other servers besides Google Scholar
-No personal data, no activity of yours is logged

Permissions: the extension can refine Scholar data with information coming from external digital libraries. That’s why permission to access other websites is required. The extension *does not access* the user browsing history.

Detailed information, full manual and much more on

Scholar H-Index Calculator for Google Chrome™
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