Skipper – Music Mode for YouTube™


Skipper Auto-skips to the actual song on YouTube™!
No more annoying talking at the beginning of music videos.

Skipper skips the intro before the video and the talking when you just want to listen to the music.

Skipper features:
– Intro skipper – skip intro before videos.
– Change the skipping rules the way you want it for each video.
– disable when needed.
– Count total time saved.
– See the skips for the current video.
– skipping talking in the middle of the video.
– skipping the noise at the end of the video.

Currently Working on:
– constant skip % , like Wadsworth used to do

change log:
0.4.4 : Now you can set the end time of the video.
0.5.0 : some first sprouts of a better design =)
0.5.1 : Skipping while YouTube is in full screen mode.
0.5.5 : When Clicking the Skipper icon,
You’ll also see the in-video skips for the current video.
0.5.7 : Hidden cookies when you click the icon 🙂
0.5.12 : You can edit the times of existing mid-video skips.
0.5.15 : You can add internal skips yourself(1 or 2 right now).
0.5.16 :Up to 3 inner skips, design changes.
0.6.1 : See the skips on the video bar when you hover!
0.7.1 : Clearer interface
0.7.11 : Support for &end=x in the url so the video will stop after x seconds
0.7.12 : Initial prioritization algorithm so more important skips will be added first
0.7.17 : Advanced options – apply start time to entire channel,change url (&t=..) to skip faster
0.7.18 – skip end for entire channel
0.7.27 – will now work on the tv format of YouTube

Skipper – Music Mode for YouTube™
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