Smart Back Buttons


Easy access to the back and forward buttons just like a smartphone. It sits near your mouse cursor is. Browse more, save time. It’s a nifty little utility that really works.

*New version 1.8*
minor fixes to code.

*Version 1.7*
You can move the buttons anywhere on the page by clicking anywhere on the page. Then, pressing and holding down “Alt + m” keys and moving your mouse cursor. Release the keys when you want the buttons to their position.

*Version 1.6*
You can now go to your browsing history by hovering your mouse on the “Back” button. Here, you can click links that instantly brings you back to web pages you visited (except Google News since it’s a one-page website).

To pin a link, just hover your mouse on the “Back” button and you will see pin icons on the right of the links. Click these icons you wish to pin.

Just hover your mouse on the “Forward” button, and here you will see your “pinned” links.

To remove pinned links, hover your mouse on the “Forward” button and click on the pin icons. Once you reopen the popup, you will see it removed.


Back and Forward buttons on any website.
Go to any website you visited by hovering on the Back Button.
Pin links for easy access later.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Alt + H Opens a new tab
Alt + B Cycle through tabs
Alt + C Close a tab

These easy-to-spot buttons will help you navigate any website just like your smartphone. Because who doesn’t love our smartphones?

Enjoy this cool product for free!

Smart Back Buttons
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