Spartan Hub


Spartan Hub is a companion that helps you in getting a quick overview of your stats for Halo 5.

You can quickly see your SR and the XP necessary for the next level and your rank for every playlist you qualified in.

Besides that you’ll see what commendations that reward you with requisition packs are close to completing, so that you can focus on completing those!

Then there are the requisitions. There’s a quick view of how many requisitions you still need to unlock for every rarity, however, there is also a bigger overview that shows you how many requisitions for what category you still need to unlock.


Version 1.0.6
– Fix for the requisitions not showing anymore

Version 1.0.5
– ‘Loading screen’ shows a message when loading is taking longer than expected
– Show message to user whenever no data is received from halowaypoint

Version 1.0.4
– Fixed login check
– Added total count to requisitions

Version 1.0.3
– Updated packs needed calculation to be more accurate (not using requsitions that come in packs (by Reddit user /u/Fenris447))

Version 1.0.2
– Added requisition packs info
– Onyx playlist ranking shows progress towards 2500CSR
– Champion playlist ranking shows progress towards #1

Version 1.0.1
– Fix for above diamond playlist rankings

Version 1.0
– Initial release

Spartan Hub
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